School Program Options


A program for potty-trained to five-year-old kids. Each day, the children will have free-play with peers, while moving around the school grounds; Fortville, Dirt Slides, the Garden, the Forest, and our School Yard. Our days are child-led, however, songs, stories, craft opportunities, and Nature Notes are all experiences the children are offered by our team of educators. At Sprouts, children are encouraged to use their imagination, engage with the natural world, and experience life outside. Find out more here.

Littlest Learners

Our early childhood program focuses on foundational academic skills, social-emotional skills, and whole-child development for five to seven-year-olds. Through outdoor, hands-on lessons, community time, garden work, animal care, singing, creating, playing, storytelling, mindfulness practice, and free play, students learn to love and be connected with Earth and all of her inhabitants while receiving a balanced education. Find out more here.

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