Asheville Farmstead is a non-profit, outdoor, farm and forest-based school campus designed to teach homesteading, natural sciences, life skills, sustainability, and agriculture to children and families through school, summer camp, community events, and more.

Asheville Farmstead School

We offer farm-and-forest-based early-childhood programs that focus on foundational academic skills, social-emotional skills, and whole-child development for multiple age groups.

Learn more about how we educate here.

Camp Farmstead

Our summer camp program runs for ten, one week themed sessions. Register for a single week, a few select weeks, or the entire program.

Learn how we summer camp here.

Family Discovery Day

We host monthly Family Discovery Days, free learn-and-play events for the entire family. Learn the nature skills, create art in nature, try your hand at growing new plants, and build new relationships.

Learn how we experience the cove here.

Enka-Candler Tailgate Market

The Enka-Candler Tailgate Market’s promotes local agriculture and heritage crafts in Western North Carolina. We provide the Enka-Candler community with a market for fresh local produce and other quality products, and to serve as an educational resource.

Learn how we tailgate market here.

Rainbow Ridge Garden

Rainbow Ridge Gardens are the vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, and animal husbandry aspects of Asheville Farmstead. We believe that the best way to make a connection to nature, living organisms, and nutrition is to be involved on a daily basis.

Learn how we garden here.

Community Events

We support our local Western North Carolina community by hosting private educational, community-focused, and small-business events on our property. Learn how we use our space here.

Asheville Farmstead is located on 25 acres of forested land tucked into a quiet cove 20 minutes from downtown Asheville in Candler. The goal of Asheville Farmstead is to connect students to an increased awareness of the natural world, the complexities of agriculture and the interrelations of living communities.

Cedarsong Way Accredited School

Asheville Farmstead School is proud to be one of four internationally accredited Cedarsong® Way Schools.

The Cedarsong Way is an award-winning leader in the U.S. Forest Kindergarten movement and has received international accolades for its groundbreaking work.​Schools that are accredited in The Cedarsong Way have proven to be operating at the same high level of excellence as the original Cedarsong Nature School.

The Cedarsong Way accreditation is your assurance of the best quality outdoor education program.  Learn more about The Cedarsong Way and our philosophies.

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