Early spring is a great time to be more active outside with activities and crafts. Try these interactive activities with your kids soon.

Ice Wreaths

March is here and as we see some spring color start to appear we might also have some freezing nights. This is a great chance to make some colorful ice wreaths at home! All you need is a bundt cake pan, water, and a strong string or rope. Take your bundt cake pan with out outside and look for nature treasures to add to your wreath. Add them to your bundt pan and when you are ready, add water to the pan and set it somewhere outside overnight to allow it to freeze. Once frozen you can use the strong sting to hang the wreath where you can watch it melt. How long did it take to melt? You can also make more than one and test different hanging spots to see where the wreaths melts more slowly or quickly!

Safely Catching Salamanders

If you want to catch and observe salamanders, using a plastic bag is an easy way to keep them safe! If you see one in a stream, place the opening of the plastic bag in the water in front of the salamander. Gently nudge it from behind to get it to walk into the bag. Keep a small amount of water in the bag, but not too much! After observing for a few minutes, be sure to release it in the same place you found it, preferably near a rock it can quickly climb under!

Nature Treasures Memory Game

Collect 3-10 small treasures from nature and display them on the ground. Challenge a friend or student to study the items for 15 seconds. Have them close their eyes, then take away one item. Have them open their eyes and guess which one is missing. Trade rolls and play again! This is a quick and simple game you can play anytime, anywhere!

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