Grab your kiddos and head outside to find these three things in nature! How many can you find?


There may not be many leaves or flowers to look at right now, but it is a great time to look for mushrooms! With fewer leaves to hide behind mushrooms are easier to spot. Keep an eye out for logs and tree stumps. We even found some mushrooms growing inside of a dead tree!

Early Bulbs

Sometimes early warm weather can trick bulbs to start growing too early. If you notice to impatient plants emerging too early in the season just use some leaves and mulch to create a warm blanket to protect them from the frigid air. If only a few green leaves are killed by frost, the bulb can grow some more when it warms up again. If too much of the plant is damaged by frost then the whole thing can die. Keep your bulbs warm by adding an insulating layer of leaves and mulch!

Insect Eggs

Keep your eyes peeled for insect eggs while you are outdoors! At the Farmstead we found some mysterious eggs and after some investigation, we think they are from a wheel bug!

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