3 Winter Crafts

Winter break is a great time to bust out the crafts! Here are three ideas to get you and your kiddos started!

Tissue Paper Snowman

A quick and easy-to-setup craft that can keep your little ones occupied for quite a while! All you'll need is construction paper, glue, and tissue paper. Great for when it's just a little bit too cold to play outside! Check out the instructions at Easy Crafts for Kids.

Tissue Paper Snowflake

This craft is a fun and different way to use tissue paper that you have on hand to keep those kiddos busy over winter break! Great for little ones who love to draw! Head over to The Pinterested Parent to find the instructions!

Tissue Paper Ornament

We are here for quick and easy crafts. Right?! This one only requires the things you probably already have on hand which is a major plus. The Craft at Home Family came up with this idea and they have a ton more! Be sure to check them out!

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