August’s Nature Notes

August has come and gone and so has our last week of Camp Farmstead. While we still see the sights of summer, we have also started seeing signs of the approaching fall. We have still been seeing butterflies frequently but we have also been seeing pea pods ready for harvest and sunflowers bending over full of seeds which the small birds enjoy eating.
The stormiest weather we have encountered this summer has been during the last month. The campers practiced working together in many different ways and on the particularly rainy days they would work together to create rivers and lakes in creek kitchen. Using some scrap pieces of lumber, the campers set up houses and other buildings along the rivers. They used what they knew about water flow to protect the toy buildings by creating levies and building on high ground. The free space to play allowed them to model what they were seeing in the community and practice problem solving and teamwork to address community challenges.

We are getting ready for fall as we prepare for the end of summer. We are sad to see summer end but we are excited for the return of fall and the beginning of a new school year out at the Farmstead!

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