December’s Sprouts Nature Notes

December is always a quick month at Farmstead with Winter Break. The theme of the month seemed to be rain and mud play. The kids love it when “Mud Mountain” gets good and muddy. They find many ways to play with the mud, whether it’s sliding down the hill, making mud balls, or mud pancakes. Some of the kids have been using the mud as body paint.

This month we have had a group of kids gather pots and sticks and make a band. Each day we have been lucky enough to hear their music, sometimes, they drum and sing songs we know, and sometimes they will make up their own songs. 

The leaves falling off trees have led to some interesting observations. We have spotted squirrels nest and yellow jacket hives up in the trees. Sprouts have also noted that the leaves on the ground would either be dry and crumbly or wet and slippery. 

I hope everyone enjoyed their break, and I can’t wait to see what Sprouts observe next month!

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