February’s Sprouts Nature Notes

This February has brought us an early blooming of flowers, and that has been one of our biggest observations during Nature Notes. All of our Sprouts have noticed some sort of flowers blooming. Some Sprouts have been learning the names of several of the flowers blooming. We have had Crocus, Daffodils, Violets, and Birdseye Speedwell, just to name a few. There have even been a couple of butterflies spotted too!

Some Sprouts were able to help dig up and move some bulbs, and others were able to dig up and bring some Day Lilies home to replant. While digging, they noticed several different bugs, worms, roly polys, and termites were found. 

The regular Sprout play has been continuing to take place too. They have been working on developing their balance by sliding down Mud Mountain on their feet, backs, or bellies. They have been developing their fine motor skills by making mud balls and sharpening sticks. They’ve used their imagination by pretending to be kings, guitar players or drummers, and all sorts of animals. They’ve practiced problem-solving skills by figuring out how to connect sticks, either by using mud as glue or tying them together with smaller sticks and making puzzles out of sticks. They have also been practicing forming letters with sticks and counting eggs. 

Water play has started to become popular again this month. The kids can be found scooping water in the creek and using it to make soup, hot chocolate, and cupcakes. One Sprout even scooped up a baby salamander and was able to show all of the friends that were close by. 

Watching the kids learn, grow, and challenge their bodies to do new things is always so much fun. I look forward to the continued growth of minds, bodies, and nature that will come next month!

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