March’s Sprouts Nature Notes

The first day of Spring has come and gone, and so have some of our first flowers! In March, we’ve noticed that many of our days have started cold and warmed up and even gotten pretty hot. We have been listening to our bodies and taking off layers as needed. We’ve also had mornings that have been foggy, days where the sky was a blanket of clouds, rainy days, windy moments, and more. 

Stews, brews, and more have been whipped up in the creek kitchen. Nature items have been used as tools. One example of this is using a rock as a hammer. Sticks have also been used in a variety of ways, including carving a walnut, drawing in dirt, as an ax, as diggers, rubbed together to make cricket noises, and more. Logs and mud were used to create tables, beds, and robots. Logs were also imagined into packages and delivered to teachers and friends. One sprout noticed that a rock looked a lot like a baby Bradysaurus, and another noticed that a stick looked like a lightning bolt.

We’ve observed blooms, buds, lichens, and moss growing from and out of trees. We also realized that some plants are turning green and that some are evergreen.  Spice bushes, birds-eye speedwells, tulips, daffodils, dandelions, purple dead nettle, and more have been coming to life. Spring is interacting with all of our senses. One of our friends noticed onion grass and said that it smelled spicy. Another friend found some clover and said that it felt soft. 

Critters have been crawling about. Lady bugs and yellow butterflies have been spotted flying and resting on our flora. We saved two worms form a busy part of the school and put them in one of our garden beds. We’ve heard birds chirping and woodpeckers pecking at trees. 

With Spring comes so many quick shifts and changes– our kids are so observant and do such a beautiful and creative job expressing what they notice!

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