February’s Littlest Learners Nature Notes

Worms, insects, and flowers oh my!

At the beginning of the month, we still had snow on the farmstead! Days were cold and wet! Layers were especially important! Focusing on our bodies’ temperatures was key to enjoying our full day of outside play! We also experienced lots of rain! By the second week of February, all of the snow had melted due to the excessive rain. We noticed the grass was very yellow and there were some small patches of green. Mud play was the most popular activity in February. Lots of rain equals lots of mud! Mud pies, soups, and beverages were served all day! We even got to indulge in the best mud chocolate milk ever made!

Towards the middle of the month, we started to spot worms wiggling in the soil! We talked about how worms are very important to keep our soil happy and healthy. We noticed on sunny days more insects were crawling and flying about! Beetles were becoming a popular sight. We saw green metallic beetles, large black stag beetles, small black and brown beetles in decomposing bark, and even ladybugs! Some friends have been noticing tiny green plants emerging from the decaying leaves on the ground. We have been able to identify some club moss growing, new ferns, bittercress, plantain, clover, and wild garlic. Everyone has been super excited about seeing flowers blooming around campus! Purple, white, and yellow crocuses are blooming along the rainbow line and down the path to the driveway! So many bright blooming daffodils are awake! We have even spotted some more dandelions, Persian speedwell, and Vinca blooming! I think we all are experiencing some spring fever and are ready for an amazing season of warmth, longer daylight, and growth!

By the time the afternoon hits we have shed our layers and are actively soaking up the sun rays. Water play is always welcomed on these warm days! We even spotted a salamander in creek kitchen! Lots of friends have been playing animal games. Warmer weather has baby animals on our minds! Playing birds and laying eggs has been the game of choice! At the end of this month, we also noticed new buds on quite a few trees!

The moon phase that we are entering is worm moon. It is all about emerging after clearing our paths and noticing growth! I would say it aligns very well with our day-to-day activity of what we are doing, what we are practicing, and what we are encountering on the farmstead. I know everyone is excited to see what new things will be growing at the farmstead each day we are here!

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