May’s Nature Notes

Growth and change were big themes around the Farmstead this month. May is the last month of Littlest Learners for the school year and we have been getting ready for all of the change that we are about to experience. That change and growth have been mirrored in the emergence of new springtime creatures as […]

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January’s Nature Notes

Hello all, Mr. Frank here! We have had an exciting month at the Farmstead filled with ice, snow, hail, rain, sun, wind, and much more! The students have been lots of practice making observations and predictions about the weather each day. Most days the weather in the morning has been very different than the weather […]

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February’s Nature Notes

We have had some wild winter weather this last month. We are currently in the Snow Moon, but it is also called Storm Moon, which may be more appropriate for what we have been experiencing. The Littlest Learners have noticed more and more critters and the Farmstead. There have been ladybird beetle, fly, bee, and […]

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March’s Nature Notes

March has brought a bounty of beautiful blooms and spring growth to the Farmstead. The spring growth has given the Littlest Learners opportunities to practice noticing things about the new season. From large things like how the mountains have started to have color as the trees began to grow buds, to small things like how […]

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April’s Nature Notes

In March we started seeing hints of the spring to come, and April was when the forest began to really put on a show. The trees are fully leafed out and green is the predominant color around the Farmstead. Yellow has also been a common color: the early blooming asters like golden ragwort and the […]

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