February’s Nature Notes

We have had some wild winter weather this last month. We are currently in the Snow Moon, but it is also called Storm Moon, which may be more appropriate for what we have been experiencing. The Littlest Learners have noticed more and more critters and the Farmstead. There have been ladybird beetle, fly, bee, and beetle sightings on some of our recent warmer days as well as some exciting flower hunts where we found dandelions, crocuses, and daffodils.

We are currently learning about simple machines that help us do work, like ramps, wedges, and pulleys. Many of the students like to use pointed sticks to carve other sticks which is an example of a wedge being used to cut. Some other wedges that they noticed and described were animals claws used for digging, teeth used for chewing, a bird’s beak (especially a woodpecker), and an ax used to split wood.

While we have had some days that have been cold or rainy, we have also been having some very warm, spring-like days as well. As the sun has been setting later each day, the Littlest Learners have noticed that there has been more sunlight and that some plants are starting to grow. It has been amazing to watch as they begin to notice the connections between what is happening in the sky and how that affects what’s happening in our ecosystems. I’m excited to see what treasures spring has in store for us!

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