April’s Sprouts Nature Notes

Spring is in full swing and things are finally green! The Sprouts’ imaginations have been in full swing this month too! They have been using creek water and rocks and walnuts to make some delicious soups, as always, they’ve opened up their pretend ice cream shops, the cold weather this winter didn’t slow down their ice cream shop, and I think spring weather is ramping up their business. They have turned sticks into all sorts of different things this month, a variety of tools, snakes, fishing poles, instruments,  and golf clubs just to name a few. They used rocks and walnuts as their golf balls.

They have been noticing patterns in the weather and making predictions about how the weather will turn out. They’ve noticed that it is starting out colder in the mornings and warming up by lunchtime, and they watch the clouds and predict if it is going to rain or not.

Another perk to it being warmer is they have been enjoying making mud with dirt they dig up and water. They’ve turned the mud into cement to repair sticks and seal cracks, and they’ve made and decorated cakes and cupcakes with mud, and we can’t forget about the delicious mud pies. They have noticed all sorts of new flowers growing and have been learning how to identify some, buttercups, Birdseye Speedwell, purple dead nettle, Tulip tree flowers, and apple tree flowers to name a few.

Some of the Sprouts can be found in the field practicing their cartwheels, and forward rolls, as well as seeing just how fast they can run down the hill. One new addition down in Fortville is the climbing rocks that we have put on trees. Sprouts love challenging themselves by seeing how high they can climb on them. I look forward to seeing what this next month has in store for for us!

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